Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hello Spring

Tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring. Where you live it might not be showing signs of it, and you may wonder, where it is? Here in Virginia, the birds are singing. Spring must be around the corner for sure. I hung up a couple feeders a few weeks ago, and the red birds are thanking me. Nothing is no better than watching them. One passed by my window as I'm writing this post. They are enjoying the sunshine today like I am. 
    What's your thoughts on Daylight Savings Time? This past week it has been a hot topic on the Internet. My thoughts are I like the extra daylight in the evenings, but in the mornings it is still dark at 7 o'clock. I think of the children that have to board the school bus first thing every morning. 
    Have you ordered a copy of Death In Sparkling Cove? I know you will enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. It'll take you on a trip to the beach. Who does love that? I like to watch the waves come in, and look for seashells. Mr. Lawson has a seat ready for you at his dinner table, and oh those spaghetti and meatballs sure smell delicious. If you will excuse me, I've got to taste his masterpiece. You've gotta have a taste tester, right?

Have a great week!